Established in 2016, the Boyett Treatment Center is a licensed professional out-patient center providing support to assist individuals who are stabilizing from the effects of chemical dependency. We treat all substances, including alcohol.


We offer medication-assisted treatments for drug addiction and alcoholism. Same-Day Appointments Available. Don't wait for another second, contact us today. We are here to help!


Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

Out-Patient Opioid Detox

Suboxone Treatment Program

Sublocade Treatment Program

The Bridge Detox Device

Vivitrol Treatment Program


Boyett Treatment Center is a locally owned and operated out-patient treatment facility for people that have an addiction to opioids.

How does the treatment program work?

We utilize a medication assisted treatment approach to recovery from opioid addiction. First, a person will need to come in do an assessment. If our program is a good fit for the individual, we will schedule them an appointment to see a doctor or nurse practitioner. At the first appointment they will be required to see the doctor, take a urine drug screen, and sign up for at least two peer support group sessions. They will be given a prescription or in-office injection that will eliminate withdrawal symptoms and cravings to the opioids they have become dependent upon.

What are some types of opioids?

Opioids include prescription pain pills whose active ingredients include hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, and oxymorphone. Just to name a few. There are many more.
There are also illegal opioids. The most popular is heroin, with illegally made fentanyl joining heroin in popularity. More types are coming out daily


Our program takes a holistic approach to treatment that goes beyond the initial phase of stabilization.
While that's an important place to start, lasting recovery takes effort and must address the underlying issues that drive problematic behavior.


Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller
Don't ever be scared when you need help. Especially when you going to Boyett. They don't judge you they've been in your shoes. They make you feel like family. When you walk in. They have helped me get my life back. And I am so grateful to them. I was always scared and I wanted help. But I didn't know where too Go. I was scared that people was going to judge me and talk down to me. But a friend of mine take me there. And Nate and his staff took me in. And there was so nice to me. And it's an environment that I can't explain. But I can tell you it is warm and loving. And the whole time you're going to the treatment. They are all there for you all the time. I cannot think Boyett Treatment Center enough.
Lydia Barrett
Lydia Barrett
I've been with Boyett Treatment Center for a little over a year and it has been hands down the best decision i've made for my sober life. I have been so very well taken care of, I couldn't ask for better. Nate and his team are always going above and beyond to make sure I'm on the right track, and happy. I have experience with other facilities and the difference between them and Boyett is just indescribable! You won't find a more caring team anywhere! If you are looking to begin medication assisted treatment for yourself or a loved one, please look no further, BOYETT IS THE BEST!!!
Kevin Springer
I’ve been a patient with Boyett for 6 months now. I’ve truly have the feeling I have hope to get my life straightened back up since making the decision to stop the opioids after 10 years. Marcus, Nate, Jeannie and the rest of the team TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR RECOVERY. They have gone the extra mile for me more than once and continue to pour into my life. If you are worried about the stigma of going to a place like Boyett, than all you are doing is letting your pride get in the way of YOUR RECOVERY!! There is HOPE AT BOYETT!!
Daysha Muse
Everyone there is so encouraging! And they are always willing to work with your schedule and whatever makes it easy for you!!


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